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Sorig Khang International Nepal (S.K.I.N.) is a Nepali NGO, dedicated to spreading this precious medical system for the benefit of all. The S.K.I.N. team is composed of a team of Sowa Rigpa doctors and supporters, representing diverse ethnic backgrounds from the cultural mosaic that is Nepal. It is also the Nepali branch of the larger network of Sorig Khang organizations, established under the guidance of Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, one of the most active contemporary educators and practitioners of Sowa Rigpa in the world today.

The vision of S.K.I.N. is to work in cooperation with local and international supporters to assist and fortify a sustainable future for Sowa Rigpa in Nepal. This will ensure this traditional science will not be lost, and remain relevant to share with a changing world.


S.K.I.N.’s principal work has been to establish the Sowa Rigpa International College, to work with Lumbini Buddhist University and the Nepal Government to develop policies that will allow for greater recognition and spread of the system.

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Our Projects

Sowa Rigpa International College

Establishing the Sowa Rigpa International College has been the primary focus of S.K.I.N’s activities, the fruition of years of efforts to create a Sowa Rigpa degree program in Nepal. As the parent organization behind the college, the S.K.I.N. team created the groundwork for the College’s inception, and oversees its management and operations.

Medical Aid Camps

As an organization, S.K.I.N. works in many ways to improve the health and vitality of Nepal. After the 2015 earthquake, the Sorig First Aid project was initiated with the support of international groups coordinated by ATTM Singapore, providing free Sowa Rigpa medical care to thousands of patients in various regions of Nepal. These public healthcare camps continue regularly, administered by doctors from the S.K.I.N. team.

International Congress on Sowa Rigpa

In conjunction with Sorig Khang International partners, S.K.I.N. hosted the 3rd International Congress on Sowa Rigpa in Kathmandu in 2014, which brought together hundreds of doctors, scholars, and students of Sowa Rigpa from around the world. Currently, they are preparing to again host another Sowa Rigpa Congress in March, 2017.

S.K.I.N. Team

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